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Do’s and Don’ts of elevator safety

Do’s and Don’ts of elevator safety

Appreciate safe and wonderful, lift and elevator rides by following these security tips. Likewise find out about what to do prior to calling for service, and get tips to set up your gear for outrageous climate.


1. Know your destination place. Press the UP or DOWN button for the way you need to head.

2. Stand to the side for leaving passengers.

3. If you stuck in elevator or lift – don't endeavor to get into the entryways. "Inside the lift is the most secure spot to be while the lift is halted”.

4. Console and calm any individual who is terrified about being trapped in the lift.

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5. Remain quiet when you trapped in a lift. Utilize the lift's alarm button or crisis contact button to find support.

6. Hold the handrail if one is accessible, and stand close to the walls, away from the entryway.

7. Consider carefully while getting in or out of a lift to abstain from stumbling.

8. If arriving lift is full, hang in there for another lift.

9. Exit quickly at your floor. Try not to hang tight for others behind you.

10. Press and hold the DOOR OPEN button if entryways should be held open, or request that somebody press the button for you.

11. Hold kids and pets firmly.

12. If the entryways don't open when the lift stops, press the DOOR OPEN button.

13. Never attempt to stop an end entryway, Wait for the following lift.

14. Enter and exit cautiously. Move forward or down in case the lift floor and corridor floor are not level.

15. Focus on the floor signs.


1. Utilize a lift in case of fire.

2. Get on an excessively crowded lift.

3. Stand or push somebody against an entryway.

4. Take part in horseplay.

5. Attempt to force open the doors.

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